San Antonio was the center of the 1920s OST Association. We in San Antonio and Bexar County, Texas began centennial preparations by working on the original 32-mile "OST Headquarters Section." 

This website has areas where the 67 counties across the OST can find ideas for using maps and oral histories to locate the roadbed, public and private funding to revitalize the businesses, and sound conservation practices to preserve OST sites. 

We have posted annual travel logs and newspaper and magazine articles of the founding 1920s OST Association. 

Success stories from other OST counties are also posted here as historic, conservation, and development societies and agencies revitalize each section. 

The business and political partnerships formed in the early days to build and beautify the OST will again work to revitalize and beautify the scenic original OST roadbed that can become a pleasant alternative to Interstates 8 and 10 for travelers interested in recapturing the historic ambiance of the gulf and southern border states. 

Charlotte Kahl, Co-Founder National OST100