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1924 Travel Log

1924 Travel log describes Louisiana

Front cover, 239Kb - 150dpi

Page 1, Zero Milestones, 197Kb - 150dpi

Page 2, Louisiana, 230Kb - 150dpi

Page 3, Centuries of Romantic Exploration, The Old Trail, 235Kb -150dpi

Page 4, Preserving Roadside Beauties, 205Kb - 150dpi

Page 5, OST Mileage Summary, Driving Regulations, St Augustine, Fla., 214Kb - 150dpi

Page 6, Jacksonville, Fla. to Pensacola, Fla., 188Kb - 150dpi

Page 7, Pensacola, Fla., continued, Nunez Bridge, Fla. - Ala. Stateline to Gulfport, Miss., 211Kb - 150dpi

Page 8, Pass Christian, Miss. to New Orleans, La., 226Kb - 150dpi

Page 9, New Orleans, La. continued, Westwego, La. to Houma, La., Thibodaux Route, 222Kb - 150dpi

Page 10, Thibodaux Route continue, Gibson, La. to Jeanerette, La.,211Kb - 150dpi

Page 11, Jeanerette, La. continued, New Iberia, La. to Lafayette, La., 223Kb - 150dpi

Page 12, Rayne, La. to Jennings, La., 206Kb - 150dpi

Page 13, Welsh, La. to Beaumont, Tex., 214Kb - 150dpi

Page 14, Nome, Tex. to Rosenberg, Tex., 208Kb - 150dpi

Center map of Louisiana, Part 1, 391Kb - 150dpi

Center map of Louisiana, Part 2, 422Kb - 150dpi

Page 15, E. Bernard, Tex. to Gonzales, Tex., 216Kb - 150dpi

Page 16, Gonzales, Tex. continued, Seguin, Tex. to San Antonio, Tex., 214Kb - 150dpi

Page 17, Boerne, Tex. to Mountain Home, Tex., 217Kb - 150dpi

Page 18, Junction, Tex. to Ozona, Tex., 225Kb - 150dpi

Page 19, Junction, Tex. continued, Sheffield, TEX. to Balmorhea, Tex., 222Kb - 150dpi

Page 20, Balmorhea, Tex. continued, Kent, Tex. to Ysleta, Tex., 222Kb - 150dpi

Page 21, El Paso, Tex. to Tucson Ariz., 202Kb - 150dpi 

Page 22, Florence, Ariz. to san Diego, Cal., Travel Tales, 208Kb - 150dpi

Page 23, Tourist Camps, 251Kb - 150dpi

Page 24, Millions in Constructions, The National Highway Movement, 231Kb - 150dpi

Page 25, The Old Spanish Trail Association, Inc, Listing of Officers and Directors, 217Kb - 150dpi

Inside back cover map, 189Kb - 150dpi

Back cover, 234Kb - 150dpi

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